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Say Know To Diets DVD

This new DVD looks at the risks of fad dieting and emphasises that the best way for teenagers to safely get and stay in shape is by adopting a healthy lifestyle that combines a proper diet and exercise.  Suitable for students aged 12+,

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The programme shows how many teenagers feel pressure to lose weight, often resorting to diets that don’t work and may even be dangerous.

It exposes myths promoted by commercial diet plans and demonstrates the importance of good nutrition, showing how healthy weight loss strategies incorporate moderate portions of nutritious food combined with daily physical activity.

The programme is designed to help students understand: why certain types of diets can be dangerous to one’s health; that most fad diets don’t work long-term and that many diet attempts fail after a time; what eating disorders are and recognise why they are so dangerous; that adopting a healthy lifestyle is the only sensible way to lose and maintain weight effectively and describes the foods that comprise a healthy balanced diet; the importance of exercise in a healthy lifestyle; that a healthy self image is more important than achieving a so called “perfect body”.

A comprehensive Teacher’s Guide is contained on the disc.