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Fears and Phobias: Understanding Them, Defeating Them DVD

Suitable for young people aged 12+, this (2005) DVD looks at how many young people suffer from common fears and phobias.  It examines the causes and suggests ways of reducing anxiety and overcoming fears and phobias.

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The programme helps young people to:

  • understand the evolution of the “fight or flight” response and the physical changes that occur in the body when the brain perceives a threat;


  • identify common everyday situations that can trigger fear in young people by raising the possibility of rejection, humiliation or being teased (e.g. giving a speech, taking a test, meeting new people);


  • understand the difference between a fear and a phobia, how a fear could turn into a phobia if not treate and the symptoms of generalised anxiety disorders;


  • learn short-term strategies for controlling anxiety before it becomes excessive; and 


  • understand how long-term strategies can also help overcome fear (sharing the problem with a parent/teacher/friend, taking care of the body, facing a fear gradually).


A detailed teacher's guide is supplied, which includes photocopiable activity and fact sheets.